Pursue, Passion & Purpose


Knowing that a relationship with Christ is what balances our lives, making us joyful and contented, we encourage everyone at AGWC to make pursuing a relationship with Christ first priority.
Accepting Christ as your Savior is just the beginning of your new life. As you continue your Christian walk, we encourage daily prayer, Bible reading and church attendance to aid you in experiencing all that the Father has for you.


Pursuing God will lead to a passion for more of His presence. Passion is the driving force that will fuel you to live a holy life and be able to follow God’s plan for you.
As you continue pursuing, that passion will expand into more avenues of your life, causing you to become integral and excellent in every category of life.


As you pursue God and become passionate about your relationship with Christ, you will learn to be led by His Holy Spirit, who is called the “Spirit of Truth.” Being led by the Spirit, you will find that your life will become more and more in balance and will go better than ever!
Through aligning yourself with God’s will and walking in His plans, you will soon discover your purpose in this life—something everyone is looking for. At AGWC, we encourage you to seek God to reveal His purpose for your life.