Women’s Groups

Women's GroupOur Amazing Ladies offer many opportunities for ladies to have fun, as well as minister to others.  From Ladies Night Out to Fun & Fellowship Events, we provide many ways to foster friendships with ladies who share your interests.


Becoming a more victorious Christian is one of our first priorities at Amazing Grace.  We know that in order to do this communication with God is of the utmost importance.  We invite you to join us for Ladies Prayer every  Tuesday at 10:30 am. Anyone is welcome to cover our service in prayer by praying in the Prayer Closet on Sundays for as long as you like from 10am-10:30am.  See the bulletin board in the foyer to sign up.


Widow Connection

In keeping with God’s Word, we provide encouragement and assistance to our widows.  If you are interested in helping, simply note that on your Connection Card.